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graphic designer & letterer

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UI design, UX

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Lilian is a visual and UX designer from Vancouver, B.C. who believes that good design is cohesive, straightforward, and thoughtful. Her favorite design tools are her sketchbooks and her overly excessive collection of writing utensils. She likes to believe that inspiration can be found anywhere, at any time.

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In her free time, she spends far too long looking at pretty things on Pinterest, and then attempting to DIY said pretty things. She could probably live on Italian food for the rest of her life (pesto counts as a vegetable, right?), and would choose to fly if she had her choice of any superpower. She has also recently learned that talking about herself in the third person is weird.

This site uses Wordpress and uses HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery to build on to the HTML5 Boilerplate theme. The internet is a pretty magical place with some amazing resources - some of the ones I used are: Animate.css, Advanced Custom Fields, Font Awesome, Unsplash and Subtle Patterns. 90% of problems I ran into were solved by StackOverflow and/or Google.