In this day and age where multitasking is the norm and your attention is a commodity that is fought for, sometimes you just need to put on your favourite playlist, tune everything out, and focus. Medley was created to run unobtrusively in the background of your life, and is designed so that interactions with the app require barely a flick of the eye and hand.


School Project

UI & UX design

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Developed for — the Android platform
In collaboration with — Grace Yeung
Created with — Android SDK on Eclipse, Illustrator, and Photoshop
Role — user research, development, interface design, user experience

Medley was designed with a heavy emphasis on simplicity. Simplicity allows for the minimal amount of diverted attention from the main task, and it is achieved with an uncluttered user interface and gesture-based controls. The full screen background displays the artist of the currently playing song, which serves as visual feedback to the user. To control the music, the user simply swipes left and right for the next and previous songs respectively, and up and down to change the volume. As the entire screen is responsive, it requires less time and precision compared to music players with individual buttons that are placed on the screen.

The Process & My Role

To start, we discussed different types of people who use music players and mapped out several storyboards to explore the ways that they are used. We chose to focus on the user who used the music player to provide background music, and went on to pinpoint the characteristics that such a user will require of the app. I was then responsible for creating mock-ups as well as any graphics needed for the app. I also helped with the programming in the later stages.

Problems & Tradeoffs

The main problem we faced were technical challenges as we are not experienced programmers. Java was a difficult language to learn, and prevented us from implementing a fully functional app. Although I do not plan to go into programming in the future, I am glad I had the opportunity to work on this project as I gained insight into how Android apps are implemented, which will undoubtedly help in future UI designs.